Join us! There are always opportunities to start a PhD or join SINC as a postdoc. For postdocs: email and we'll see what we can do to get funding; if you want to bring your own funding, even better!

For potential PhD students, even when I don't have open PhD positions, there are a couple of ways to enter into postgraduate studies, and some deadlines and other things you should bear in mind:

  • Postgrad study usually starts in September, but deadlines for funding are usually around 20-25 January that year!
  • For a PhD, obviously, you can be self-funded. But if you're looking for a stipend, UK/EU students would need to submit an application some time mid-January, preferably after having discussed it with me and using the template I'll send you. This application is for the ESRC/School funding. You are eligible for ESRC funding as a UK student, or as EU student if you've spent at least the 3 previous years in the UK. For School of Psychology funding, all UK/EU students are eligible. The School will suggest certain students to apply for ESRC student-led funding, the deadline of which is mid-February.
  • Bear in mind that a Masters degree is becoming a condition sine qua non for starting a PhD or obtaining a stipend. As such, unless you have a Masters degree from elsewhere, you will be required to complete a Master of research first, for which ESRC/School programmes may provide funding as well, though not always. The School of Psychology MRes program has been completely refurbished and offers exciting possibilities!
  • Should you be an overseas student (non-UK/EU), then you would need to look for funding in your home country to come here, and discuss your options with me. However, you should certainly apply for an Elphinstone Fee Waiver, as waiving your tuition fees, which are considerable for overseas students, will reduce the remaining amount of funding you need to find for a stipend by more than 50%!


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