Avenues for applying for PhD funding + deadlines

Want to do a PhD at SINClab? 4 options (contact Bert Timmermans for more information):

EASTBIO (BBSRC) project — this project is essentially written, and students put themselves forward — open to UK/EU students — deadline 5 December 2018.

ESRC student-led PhD competition — students write a project with help of their potential supervisor — open to students who’ve spent the last 3 years studying in the UK (if you’ve done Erasmus in year 2: it suffices that you were still registered as student at the UK university where you got your degree) — deadline 11 January 2019 at noon.

Carnegie Trust PhD studentship competition — student writes a project with the help of their potential supervisor — open to students with a degree from a Scottish university — deadline 18 January 2019 (student to submit application for admission to the PhD programme of study @ https://www.abdn.ac.uk/study/postgraduate-research/how-to-apply-1639.php)

Aberdeen University School of Psychology studentships — open to UK/EU students (please enquire)