Deadline for EASTBIO project "mechanisms of social agency" approaching

If you want to do a PhD at the SINClab, apply to the competition-funded project on mechanisms of social agency (co-supervised by Rama Chakravarthi - funded by EASTBIO (BBSRC) - DEADLINE 5 December 2018.

Essentially the project seeks to investigate how we experience our self-agency in social interaction, where the effect of my action is an action of the other person. Specifically, we want to see how it differs from feelings of agency related to actions towards inanimate objects, find out how my self-agency is related to the degree to which I perceive the other to be an independent agent with free will, and look at the neurobiological mechanisms underlying this social agency.

Check out the project here:

Timeline: submission deadline 5 December / notification of shortlisting by EASTBIO 14/15 January / interviews in Edinburgh 28 January